Algorithm Update

All search engines update they way they process the relevancy of web pages to ensure that the search engine result pages (SERPs) display the best results possible. An algorithm update is often used as a way of clearing up spam from the index and tackling the use of unethical seo in web pages. Alogrithm updates operate by using current data and applying a new system for ranking the data that they currently contain.

In Google many of the search engine algorithm updates result in shifts within the SERPs and will cause much consternation and online debate as to what is going on within the search engine. Major updates in Google are often to referred to by names allocated by Search Engine Watch. In much the same way as hurricanes are names in America these names constantly change. The biggest alogirthm updates are often discussed online by name. Famous updates include the "Florida Update" and the "Jagger Update".

Algorithm updates are normally assosciated with ashen faced SEOs or by the cheshire cat style SEO who has seen all his work suddenly click into place.

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