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RSS feed from Axandra, this RSS feed is basically their newsletter - sometimes good sometimes not so good. But on the whole is a useful little resources for finding out about developments in SEO, with particular attention being given to link building strategies.

Boyd Of Ayrshire

Colin Boyd is one of the most progressive SEO guys we know. He is never shy of an opportunity for increasing rankings and has a good understanding of using Social Media as a tool for SEO some of his ideas relating to Brand Protection are cool also.

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay offers internet marketing tutorials and services: Search Engine Optimization, PPC, analytics and branding services. This RSS feed is a summation of his blog.


Cnet rss fedd regarding Google gives up to the minute industry news about the goings on at Google™

Digital Web

Nice little site with some interesting threads and ideas on Ethical SEO.

E Commerce Guide

RSS feed of information relating to E-Commerce developments


Grokdotcom offer some of the best information on the web on how to convert visitors into customers once they reach your website.


The is our blog - well not just ours but is the blog for a number of different companies but we contribute to it. Contains info on SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and more - if you like it join our conversations and leave a comment

Jeremy Zawodny

Jeremy Zawodny offers information from his RSS feed , in respect of Yahoo!

Jim Boykin

Up to the minute Blog on stuff. One of the best blogs on linking advice.


Jupiter are here purely because we like them, and their research is useful for developing long term online marketing strategies.


RSS Feed from the Just SEO Blog - ran by Peter Hoggan ran and ste up Oyster Web SEO for whom Mike used to work.

Justmarketing blog - new blog set up by some guys we know from around Scotland. Blod is designed to help out people throughout the world at all levels of experience to imporve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns - both online and offline.


Kenkai are Kennie and Kai Young , geddit, who run a SEO company for SME in Scotland. Yes we used to work here too. Their articles are of good quality, dont always agree with their assumptions and/or conclusions, but give good alround coverage of ideas.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google, he's not God as some seem to believe, but can be an interesting place to find out recent developments in SEO. We espescially liked the part about BMW being kicked out the index - now if we can only get him to comment on Big Mouth Media .......


Oyster Web, Ethical SEO company in the UK. Place Mike used to work, so some of the articles are his. Good quality reference for sites starting up, their SEO Tutorial is useful for people looking to learn the basics of SEO.


PRWeb is a press release news wire facility. can have some nice related stuff to SEO, some not, but is always fun when lopoking at attempts to use press releases as a way to get links. Some of them just make us laugh!


The Scotsman delivers Google News Stories that we have syndicated via their RSS feed.

Search Tools

Woo Hoo I found a site in Dmoz that wasnt spam and their RSS seems to deliver good quality information relating to search. This is a newbie so may stay or may go we'll see how they get on


Seo Chat is one of the best SEO forums available, also fun because no one can link troll their forums anymore and blag free links.


Having worked with Spiderwriting in the past we know they do good quality work that helps many sites around the UK achieve good quality search engine results. Comprising Past employees of Big Mouth Media and some who still work at Oyster Web Spiderwriting can deliver search engine friendly designs and optimisation services for all sizes of businesses.


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