Report Unethical Search Engine Optimization

Often during research for Search Engine Optimization or simply during browsing of the internet you will come across sites that are utilising Unethical Search Engine Optimization to gain there positions. The major search engines are quite adept at finding these sites and discovering what they are doing. However they also request that you report every instance of unethical search engine optimization that you locate so that they can improve their algorithms to catch even more search engine spammers. .

Report Unethical SEO to Google™

Google allow you to report the use of Unethical Search Engine Optimization here. As Google prefers developing scalable and automated solutions to the problems of Unethical Search Engine Optimization, they prefer to automate results and develop technologies rather than fight it with a huge staff. This means that the spam reports they receive are used to alter and create the search engine algorithms so that they can recognize and block future benefits that can be gained from the use of Unethical Search Engine Optimization. Fill in the form at the page listed and use the 'Submit' button.

Report Unethical SEO to Yahoo!™

Yahoo! allows you to report instances of unethical search engine optimization that has affected their results here. Simply fill in the form at this address and click 'Submit'

Report Unethical SEO to MSN™

If you wish to report Unethical SEO to the MSN search engine the best place to visit is quite generic and is linked to here. We would like to say that MSN make it easy to find the correct page for reporting spam and unethical search engine optimization but they do not appear to. This page is the closest we could find but its a bit of a pain. If anyone knows the location of a more appropriate page to report Unethical SEO to the MSN search engine please let us know.