Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Clients

At conSEOquences we are proud of the work we do as such we have compiled a list of the sites we are and have worked on. This list is below.

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  • UK Gift Zone

    The UK Gift Zone is an affiliate program we've started in December 2007. We're hoping to have it up fully live early 2008.
    12th December 2007
  • Discover Whisky

    Discover Whisky is a whisky dedicated blog for fans of Scottish Whisky.
    1st August 2007
  • Buckets on People

    Mates blog - Buckets on People - what a name for a blog - self explanatory title
    12th April 2007
  • Chisnalls Deli

    Chisnalls is a site that we helped out to get them into the Google index. Site of a friends cousin so all we did was give some advice on how to get some rankings and start developing an online presence.
    28th December 2006
  • The Falkirk Wheel

    Find out what makes the world first rotational boatlift so great with the Falkirk Wheel website that we built!
    15th November 2006
  • Mission Unpossible

    Christmas campaign from Equator. Ever wondered what happens when designers, developers et al get to run a little bit wild. Have a visit and find out
    13th November 2006
  • Indie War

    Community site dedicated to the proliferation of UK independent music.
    12th November 2006
  • Free Betting Online

    Free betting owner Simon Ambler has contacted conSEoquences on a consultancy basis to aid with the web development and internet marketing of his new betting enterprise
    12th September 2006
  • Accomodia

    Following on from our successes in 2006 in the accomodation industry in the UK conSEOquences have again been asked to contribute with the usability and search engine positioning of a new UK based accomodation search engine - Accomodia.
    8th September 2006
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