conSEOquences - Who are We?

conSEOquences is a collective of individuals who are interested in the online market. We come from a range of backgrounds and professions including University Lecturers, SEO Professionals, Students, Marketing Managers and Online Consumers. We came together to create a website which offers consumer two core area: Information and Explanation.

The majority of this site is dedicated to providing Information to the public who often are mistreated and under informed about the core marketing method online; Search Engine Advertising. With consumers accepting Search Engine Results and using these as a basis for a growing number of purchases the increases in Search Engine Positions which a site can develop can aid in the viability or profitability of a site. By placing as much up to date and validated information on Ethical Search Engine Optimization conSEOquences goal is to ensure that your online business can rank well for the long term.

conSEOquences and You

Generalised information is great but we understand that this only goes so far when serving the needs of the online community. It is for this reason that we offer three key services. One of these is the Ethical Search Engine Optimization Report and Web Marketing Audit. We will explain how SEO should be carried out on your site so you can conduct youe Search Engine Optimization Campaign inhouse. This report can also be used to ensure you choose the correct SEO company when you are searching for the best for you. To aid in this we also offer a validation of Search Engine Optimization companies. Every company that we promote is firstly an ethical search engine optimization company and also a SEO company which will be able to deliver your business the positions you require, and where they do not feel your goals are achieveable they will tell you this. The final service we offer is Ethical Search Engine Optimization Training. One of our SEO experts will attend your business and train your staff inhouse how to use ethical SEO on your site to maximum effect.

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If you have any questions for any of the team at conSEOquences simply drop us an email.