Dangers of Unethical SEO

Black Hat SEO, the use of unethical search engine optimisation techniques, is something which the SEO community discuss widely and the public remain largely unaware of. This site will give you the information to find out whether your current site, or proposed changes to it by your SEO professional company, are within the terms and conditions laid out by major search engines such as Google™, Yahoo!™ and MSN™. These terms and conditions prohibit the use of techniques such as link bombing, textual spamming, cloaking and other unethical search engine optimization methods. Ethical Search Engine Optimization should always conform to these terms and conditions; if you do not, any results you gain for your site and the money you pay for could well be for nothing when the search engines discover how you cheated your way to the top.

Benefits of Ethical SEO to Your Business

The goal of a search engine is to return documents that are most relevant for a particular search query. Ethical SEO will make your page as relevant as possible for a targetted keyword or set of keywords. Black Hat SEO will, instead of enhancing the relevancy for a query will use misdirection and obfuscation to gain you traffic. Unfortunately your online business is likely to gain little from this. Ethical SEO will bring you targetted traffic, traffic from people looking to buy what you are selling. Misguided and misdirected web traffic is worthless.

Unethical SEO is Bad Internet Marketing

When a user arrives at your site from a Search Engine they expect to find information that is relevant for their search query. If the content your site returns is not what they were searching for they will not stay and they will not buy. By giving visitors the information they are looking for you will increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers. By using Unethical SEO it is likely that you could well be losing out on sales to your online competition.

Find out more about Ethical SEO

If you are interested in that the benefits that Ethical SEO could bring your site, and business, or are unsure if your site is currently using Black Hat SEO techniques that may damage the long term success and stability of your online business, contact us by email or by telephone on 07738 954 815.